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EARLY HARVEST TIERRAS DE CANENA The fruit of enthusiasm.

For us, Olive grove is an essential part of our life, of our town. We are proud of being farmers and cooperative members. Devoted body and soul to EVOO production, we have really supported, with big hope, to get an Early Harvest EVOO that shows the purity and greatness of picual variety. And we got it! That’s why we would like to introduce our October Early Harvest Tierras de Canena EVOO, cold extraction, 100% picual variety.

Our work started back in September, selecting olive groves which, because of their characteristics (location, conditions of olive grove, etc…) they were the best ones.

Afterwards, they were continuously followed up in order to check out the evolution of fruit and to know the best moment for the harvest.

Thus, harvest started during four days of October 2015. We took extreme care of the fruit so It couldn’t suffer any kind of damage or heat. Always harvesting in the right moment of the day with appropriate temperature and pampering the fruit during the transportation.

In the mill, olives are treated by mechanical means like grinding, decantation and filtering, all these processes under controlled temperature for the cold extraction.

The final result is a wonderful olive juice with exquisite tasting notes:

Our Early Harvest TIERRAS DE CANENA EVOO and has a high and intense green fruit. Aromas of newly cut grass, artichoke, tomato, apple, pear and green banana are appreciated. On the palate, It has a smooth entry that reminds us the aromas and a slight bitter- spicy well balance. As a consequence, we have got an EVOO with high harmony and persistence.







It has been released in a limited edition white screen printed glass bottle, 500 ml.

This magnificent olive juice is Kosher Certified.