The Restaurant La Cantina La Estación in Úbeda, offers a tasting menu of EVOOs, with different diseases chosen for each one of the oils depending of flavors and characteristics. For Tierras de Canena Early Harvest, they have bet for a crazy and delicious “Ensaladilla Rusa en Directo”/ ‘Spanish Potato Salad Live’.

Here you can find the recipe, perfect for initiating in the use of new ingredients and the fun of trompe l’oeil, Will you dare?






Kappa rubber

Orange-Yellow Food Colouring (for the false carrots)

Small Potatoes

White Edible Clay and Water (for the potato stones)


Boiled Egg-Yolk


Pitted Black olives

Prawns from Garrucha

Tierras de Canena EVOO


False Carrots:

Liquefy the carrots in the Thermomix and we mix it with Kappa rubber. Let the mix chill in a bowl. Once It is cold, with a small knife, give it shape of small carrots and freeze them. Once they are solid, prick them with a pin and give them a bath with the same shake of carrot and Goma Kappa; then we add the orange-yellow food colouring. This creates a gelatinous layer that doesn’t allow deforming and the liquid goes to the exterior when they are defrosted. Finally, we put the green leaves, coming from the original carrots bunch.

Potato Stone:

Cook very small and round potatoes. Without peeling, prick them in a stick or pin and bath them in a mix of lactose, white edible clay and water. Bake them 25 minutes, at 60º C until they dry and get the look of stones.

Olive soil (or dehydrated and passed through the turbine black olives):

We take the water out of a tin of dehydrated black olives. In a tray, put them in the oven for an hour at 60ºC to dry them. Finally, pass them through the Thermomix.

Prawns from Garrucha: put them in a grill and fry them a little bit with boiling olive oil.


Mix the mayonnaise with the mackerel and extend a cord in the dish. In this case, a tablecloth that allows to eat directly in it, because the food doesn’t soak through.

Mix the olive soil with the grinded carrots and extend other crossed cord over the former one.

Decorate as you please with potato stones, false carrots, tirabeques and red prawns of Garrucha. Grate boiled egg-yolk above the dish. Finish it with large amount of Tierras de Canena EVOO Early Harvest. Mix everything.