Our oil is sold with the brand TIERRAS DE CANENA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, which is selected by our expert tasters. Our main purpose is obtaining the highest quality. In this way, the brand “Tierras de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, wants to highlight the traditional character of our olive grove and the olive juice produced.

Our extra virgin olive oil is only olive juice. The production process begins in the wide olive groves, where our expert farmers take care of the olives until the fruit has reached its optimal ripeness. That is the time for harvesting.

Then, they are carefully selected and pressed exclusively by natural mechanical processes in order to extract the juice, which maintains entirely its aroma and flavor. After that, it is kept in the warehouse, composed only by stainless steel tanks, with a suitable temperature.

After that, it is selected to be bottled according to its fragrance, freshness, slight bitterness and mild itching and also to its tonality, going from greenish yellow to deep golden.

This way, we offer a delicious natural olive juice, free from additives and preservatives: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Because of that, our oil has received several important quality awards.
More than thirty years ago, our Cooperative was a pioneer in separating the olives hanging from the trees from those lying on the ground, thus beginning its attempt for quality in the olive oil.

We care for all the processes concerning quality, starting with the farming and harvesting methods and finishing with the storage and bottling ones, for the oil to preserve all its natural flavors and aromas.

The trademark “Tierras de Canena” is present in several national and international markets.