Virgin olive oil is the olive juice obtained exclusively from physical means, either by pressure, decanting or centrifuging.

The quality of the oil depends on the quality of the raw material used to produce it, in this case the olives, as well as the quality of the related processes: development and maturation of the fruit, harvest, transportation, elaboration, conservation, bottling and delivery to the consumer.



Extra virgin olive oil must pass strict controls, being the basis of them the physical-chemical analysis and the tasting analysis:

  • Physicochemical analysis is done in an official laboratory, which must certify that the product does not have any kind of defects.
  • Sensory analysis is done by an expert panel of tasters. In this case, the analysis is done using smell and taste, in such a way that its final result has to meet the sensory features that define Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with no defects.