Before the Romans came to Spain, more than twenty centuries ago, there are quotes in this area that testify the presence of picual olive trees of several trunks. Our region was the main olive oil producer of the Roman Empire, so that a part of our olive grove preserves the traditional character coming from those ancient times.

Located on nutrient rich clay soils, its geographical location and climate features are ideal for the olive’s cultivation, being its oils placed between the sweetness and mildness of the Guadalquivir´s lowlands and the aromatic intensity of Jaén´s highlands.With the information obtained from continuous analysis of water and ground, the ATRIA (Integrated Treatment Group in Agriculture) provides an adequate advice about the efficient, profitable and sustainable use of fertilizers, farming techniques and irrigation water to apply, which must be strictly performed by farmers.

In this sense, all farmers must attend a course of farming techniques with the objective of promoting a model of olive cultivation that respects the environment, being economically feasible and that takes into account the multiple functions of agriculture, either social, cultural or recreational, assuring a

sustainable, healthy and high quality olive´s production. Finally, when the product arrives at the cooperative, we insist on the quality control of the received olives, so we have Oil´s Traceability and Food Security Programs.